List of Courses

BS (Computer Science)

Course No.
Course Title
Course No. Course Title
Fall Semester
Spring Semester
First Year
Programming Fundamentals
Logic Design & Switching Theory
Fundamentals of Information Tech. CT-162 Discrete Structures
MT-171 Differential & Integral Calculus CT-251 Object Oriented Programming
PH-122 Applied Physics HS-104 Functional English
HS-205 Islamic Studies OR HS-105 Pakistan Studies OR
HS-209  Ethical Behaviour HS-127 Pakistan Studies (For Foreigners)
    HSK-I Chinese Language
Second Year
CT-157 Data Structure Algorithms & Applications CS-252 Computer Architecture & Organization
CT-259 System Analysis Design CT-257 Database Management Systems
MT-227 Differential Equations HS-218 Business Communication
HS-115 Academic Reading & Writing MT-272 Linear Algebra & Geometry
HS-219 Professional Ethics CT-258 Financial & Cost Accounting
HSK-II Chinese Language    
Third Year
CT-365 Visual Programming CS-351 Computer Communicaiton Networks
CT-363 Design & Analysis of Algorithms CT-362 Web Engineering
CT-353 Operating Systems CT-367 Theory of Programming Languages
MT-331 Probability & Statistics CT-361 Artificial Intelligence & Expert Systems
CT-364 Theory of Automata and Formal Languages MT-442 Numerical Methods
Final Year
HS-405 Organisational Behaviour CS-428 Parallel & Distributed Computing
CT-### Elective-I CT-465 Compiler Design
CT-460 Network & Information Security  HS-403 Enterpreneurship
CT-### Elective-II CT-### Elective-III
CT-499 Software Based Project CT-499 Software Based Project
                                Elective -I
                                             Elective-II & Elective-III
CT-366 E-Commerce CT-352 Computer Graphics
CT-485 Natural Language Processing CT-360 Visual Programming
CT-464 Modelling & Simulation CT-462 Distributed Computing.
    CT-463 Data Warehousing & Mining
    CT-481 Wireless Network & Mobile Computing
    CT-484 Introduction to Cyber Security