• Candidates shall be required to apply online for admission.
  • Get the print-out of Application Form, sign it and submit it along with two attested photocopies of the following documents.
    • Domicile of Sindh Province
    • H.S.C. or equivalent Marks Sheet
    • S.S.C. or equivalent Marks Sheet and Certificate
    • Equivalence Certificate from IBCC for foreign examinations and Grade Sheets, if applicable
    • Hafiz-e-Quran Certificate, if applicable
    • Migration Certificate in case of having passed H.S.C. examination from a Board other than Karachi Board
      • Admit Card of pre-admission entry test
      • Affidavit of non-political activities
      • Passport size photographs (08 No)                                                                                                                                    
    • Application processing fee (mentioned in the prospectus) is required to be paid in designated branches of banks.
    • Applications received in one category shall not be transferred to another category.
    • Candidates may apply under more than one category through the same online admission process. Admission categories have been specified under SEAT DISTRIBUTION tab of TIEST website.
    • Candidates will be required to upload the scanned copy of their HSC Mark Sheet / IBCC Equivalency Certificate (as the case may be) on the Admission Portal of NED University.
    • Candidates whose names appeared in the merit list and are called for admission should submit the following original documents:
      • Domicile of Sindh Province
      • Affidavit of non-political activities
      • H.S.C. or equivalent Marks Sheet
      • Equivalence Certificate from IBCC for foreign examinations and Grade Sheets, if applicable
      • Hafiz-e-Quran Certificate, if applicable
      • Migration Certificate in case of having passed H.S.C. examination from a Board other than Karachi Board
    • Application Form, all fee and documents attached with the application form shall not be returnable.
    • Original documents will be returned after completion or termination of the studies at this institute.
    • Applicants are advised that they should retain sufficient number of attested photocopies of their documents/certificates as the originals are not likely to be returned during their period of study at the institute.
    • Candidates having passed qualifying Examination from foreign boards must submit relevant document(s) to establish their date of birth.
    • Incomplete applications shell not be considered.
    • The complete online application along with proof of payment of processing fee must reach to the admission office of NED University on the date notified for the submission of admission form by NED University in the press and website. Any application received after this date or found deficient in any respect will be summarily rejected. Any certificate or matter in addition to the specified requirement shall be treated as irrelevant and discarded.
    •  Candidates are directed to write their names, Father Name & Date of Birth in online Admission Application as mentioned on their S.S.C./equivalent Certificate
  • Applicant should be domiciled in Sindh Province, except for reserved categories.
  • Candidates must have passed either H.S.C. from any authorized Board of Education in Pakistan or an equivalent Foreign Examination recognized as such by NED University or have appeared in any such examination and waiting for final results. In this case A-level candidates will be required to submit the A-Level Grade Sheet along with IBCC Equivalency Certificate.
  • The year of passing the examination held should not be earlier than the three years immediately prior to submission of application.
  • Candidates should have obtained at least 60% marks in aggregate.
  • Candidates having obtained at least 55% marks in aggregate are eligible to apply for admission in all BS programms except in BS(CS).
  • Candidates, who have passed H.S.C. or equivalent examination with the subjects of pre-engineering shell be considered for admission in BE and BS programmes.
  • Candidates, who have passed H.S.C. or equivalent examination with the subjects of pre-medical shell only be considered for admission in BS computer science programme.
  • Candidates, who have passed DAE in relevant discipline from SBTE be considered for admission against allocated seats as prescribed by PEC.
  • Candidates who have passed HSC Part I from one Board of Examinations and HSC Part II from any other Board of Examinations shall not be considered for admission.
  • No students, already enrolled in NED University can be considered for the admission again until the current enrolment is cancelled.
  • An applicant should have either passed the Pre-admission Entry Test of this University with at least 50% marks, OR have scored at least 800 in SAT-I and also secured at least 1500 in SAT-II with subjects of Physics / Statistics, Chemistry / Computer Science and Mathematics / Biology.
  • All these tests have validity of one year. Hence, the current year result will only be considered.
  • Candidates applying under category R-12(d) (Nominee of Government of Gilgit Baltistan) may produce documentary evidence of having passed Pre-Admission Entry Test conducted by NED University or any other authority acceptable as such by NED University.
  • Candidates who have passed A-Level or any two-year pre-university examinations at 11th and 12th grades or 12th and 13th /OAC grades (or similar Examinations) with subjects of physics/statistics, chemistry/computer science and mathematics/biology must submit an Equivalence Certificate (obtained from Inter-Board Committee of Chairmen) along with their application Form for admission.
  • Candidates having passed/appeared in any of the above-mentioned foreign examination must also submit an Equivalence Certificate (obtained from Inter Board Committee of Chairmen) of their earlier qualification i.e. O-level/10th Grade along with their application form for admission.
  • Overall merit for admission shell be determined according to the following criteria:
  • Candidates having passed their HSC/A-level during earlier years will have 50% weightage to their complete result of HSC /A-Level.
  • The admission remains provisional till the submission and subsequent verification of final H.S.C. or equivalent Mark Sheet.
  • The final Mark Sheet must be submitted before the prescribed date otherwise the admission will be liable to be cancelled.
  • The candidates who have passed their qualifying examination in last three consecutive years, their merit positions for the purpose of admission shall be determined after deduction of 10 marks from the total obtained in their respective qualifying examinations. The same deduction shell also be applied in case of improvement.
  • In case of tie for merit position in the selection for admission, the tie shall be resolved using the marks obtained in NED University preadmission entry test.
  • Candidates applying against more than one category under self-finance scheme may only deposit self-finance fee for any one category. In case of difference in amount of self-finance, the highest amount needs to be deposited.
  • Candidates who are Hafiz-e-Quran and have passed NED University entry test shall have 20 marks added to the H.S.C./equivalent marks obtained by the candidate. He/She shell have to provide the original Sanad of Hafiz-e-Quran from wafaq-ul-madaris.
  • Any seat remaining vacant from any category at TIEST will be transferred to Mirpurkhas Board. Any further vacant seat will be inter-transferable with other categories whenever considered necessary by NED University administration.
  • The Vice Chancellor of NED University will be the competent authority to reject any application and to cancel admission without assigning any reason.
  • The application shall be rejected summarily in case the candidate is found guilty of any suppression or misrepresentation of material facts at any stage. The Vice Chancellor can further debar him from seeking admission in NED University and its affiliated collages.
  • The Merit list for each category under regular and self-finance scheme will be notified and displayed on NED University website.
  • Courses of studies leading to the degree of Bachelor of Engineering and Bachelor of Science shell be of four academic years duration.
  • Any student who fails to complete all requirements for his/her degree in the prescribed time may continue study for further three academic years.
  • Consequently, including the academic years of his/her first admission maximum seven academic years shell be allowed for each four years degree programme.
  • Admission of any such student of first year of studies in any discipline shall be cancelled who is not a candidate for the fall semester examinations.
  • Admission of any such student of any semester who has been rusticated from NED University on account of serious breach of discipline for any specified period shall be cancelled and notified. However, after expiry of the period the student may be allowed readmission in the same semester with junior batch, if otherwise eligible.
  • Admission and enrolment of any such student of any semester who has been expelled from NED University on account of major breach of discipline shell be cancelled after due process and subsequently notified. The student shall not be eligible for any subsequent admission in NED University.
  • Admission of any such student shall be cancelled who after being on second probation during second year fall semester fails to obtain 1.00 CGPA on completion of that semester.
  • Admission of any student shall be cancelled who without information fails to register in any semester even after passing of the permissible registration duration.
  • Withdrawal from any semester/programme may be allowed only in extra-ordinary circumstances.
  • The student shall be required to apply for withdrawal through concern chairperson along with evidence supporting his/her request for withdrawal.
  • Any such student seeking readmission after withdrawal shall only be considered for readmission with junior batch provided that:
    • The applicant has officially withdrawn earlier from the semester/programme.
    • The period of discontinuation of his/her studies does not exceed three academic years.
    • The applicant produces an affidavit on stamp paper of prescribed amount declaring that during the period of his/her discontinuation of studies he/she was neither on the roll of any other educational institute nor was convicted by any court of law.
  • Any student may be allowed by the chairperson of the department concerned to repeat course(s) offered in that semester subject to the following conditions:
    • A compulsory course which the student is required to repeat for obtaining a passing grade or a course selected by the student for improvement of his/her CGPA.
    • Any other elective course of a particular stream in lieu of an elective course.
    • The student shall be allowed to repeat courses as per the maximum limit of seven courses in any particular semester.
    • Better grade in course(s) shall be considered for determining his/her CGPA.
  • Any student who is eligible for award of degree but still desired to improve CGPA for any reason may be allowed by the chairperson of the department concerned, subject to the following conditions:”
    • No provisional certificate/degree has been issued.
    • Duration of completion for the degree does not exceed the maximum limit of seven years.
    • The student requests registration in desired courses within two weeks after announcement of his/her result.

Class Attendance

  • Any candidate, who registered during the semester, will be allowed to appear only in such course(s) in which his/her attendance is at least 75% during the semester.
  • Any candidate, who registered during the semester, will be allowed to appear in all such courses of the semester provided his/her aggregate attendance in all such courses is at least 75% of the total of all classes held in the courses during the semester.

  Admit Card

  • Admit Card for the examination shall be issued to any candidate who is eligible/allowed to appear in the course(s) as mentioned above under the heading of class attendance.
  • The Admit Card must be in possession of the candidate while appearing in the examination for any course for which he/she has been allowed.


  •  Grade / grade point equated with percentage of marks and other grades shall be as follows:


    Grade Point

    % Marks





    Extra Ordinary








    Very Good











    Above Average






















    Below 50




    Pass in Non-Credit Course


    In Progress*








    Withdrawal Un Officially

  •  To be evaluated in Spring Semester for Final Year project

    Grade Point Average

  • Grade Point Average (GPA) for any semester and cumulative Grade point Average (CGPA) for more than one semester shall be calculated as under:
  • GPA/CGPA= (Credit hours of a course x grade point) Total Credit hours of the courses 

  1. No candidate shall write his/her name, or anything on the examinations answer book to disclose his/her identity. Only seat number, enrollment number and course title will be written in the space provided on the cover of the examinations answer book.
  2. Answers must be written on both sides of the pages of the examinations answer book and not on one side. Supplement answer book will only be provided when the candidate has fully written out on both sides of the pages of the book first supplied to him/her.
  3. Students should cross the blank spaces, left-over pages if any. Failure to do so can result in cancellation of the answer book.
  4. No loose paper will be provided for rough work and no paper is to be brought in for the purpose. All work must be done in the answer book provided and the pages used for rough work or calculation must be struck out by drawing a line through each page so used from top to bottom and no page should be turnout.
  5. Candidate are forbidden to write any answer or anything else on the question paper, blotting paper or any material or carry away any writing or scribbling from the examination hall.
  6. Students are not allowed to use red or green ink. Use of pencil is also not allowed except for sketch work. In case of non-compliance the answer book shall be treated as marked zero.
  7. No candidate will be allowed to leave the examination hall until an hour from the time when the question paper is distributed.
  8.  Once leaving, no candidate will be allowed to re-enter in the examination hall during the exam.
  9. During examination, candidates, shall not help or try to help any other candidate, nor obtain any help from other candidates or any other person. Communication of any sort or in any form between a candidate and any other person from inside or outside of the examination hall is prohibited.
  10.  Stringent punishment shall be given to the students who are found with notes, books, scribbling or using any unfair means.